BioEnergy Code Reviews 2022: Proven Energy Healing Affirmation Codes
Brand Overview: BioEnergy Code Healing Program

The Bioenergy Code is a manifestation program brought from Nepal, to the United States by Angela Carter. This program consists of a 30-minute audio clip that users absorb to begin the journey of wholeness and freedom.

This brand stands upon its promise of unblocking the body’s bioenergy centers. After using the material, the person starts manifesting the life of their dreams. Angela Carter brings this Bioenergy Code to the public months after meeting its author in Nepal. Its author, simply known as Anthony, made this East-meets-West audio formula to help people living in the country.

While on a soul-searching trip halfway around the world, Angela met Anthony. This is also how she came into contact with the 30-minute audio clip. She claims that listening to this audio clip changed her life forever. Besides gaining emotional freedom from past heartbreak, the program helped clear her body’s energy centers to manifest other great wins. The author of this audio clip believes that this fast-acting audio program fulfills a Tibetan prophecy.

When she first received this 30-minute audio clip from Anthony, Angela did not see immediate results. This lack of results was due to her doubt in such solutions and programs.

However, things changed on her third listening. She began to feel and see the energies all around her. There was a deep connection and bond forming between her and everything around her.

Insights about her personal journey and a great depth of self-love began to blossom where confusion and self-hate once resided. All of this happened almost in an instant during the third listening event. From then on, she went forward to create the life of her dreams.

The Bioenergy Code might be the only program that combines Eastern teachings of the body’s energy centers (chakra) and Western studies. Its major focus is to get users to flip the bioenergy “switch” inside everyone. The creator claims that this switch unblocks our energy centers and causes the chakras to attract positive energies from the universe.

This process, thus, allows the user to manifest a life others can only dream of. The Bioenergy Code program only requires users to listen to a single half-hour meditation audio once every day in a quiet relaxing place. This audio program promises to change the lives of those who listen correctly, following its meditation guides. The product also comes with an ebook that will help users better their experience.

Interested individuals can purchase this audio program from the brand’s official website. A portion of the proceeds from the sales will go to save This cause was born out of a desire to protect these animals. According to Angela Carter, elephants paved the way to her journey of finding the Bioenergy switch.


  • Helps clear the body’s energy blocks
  • Let’s in positive energy
  • Flips Bioenergy switch and gives healthy view of life and world around you
  • Helps users manifest financial and career wins
  • Allows users to develop deep insight into their lives
  • Quicker results than other traditional meditation programs
  • Proceeds help save the elephants
  • 365-days no-questions-asked money-back guarantee


  • Only available on official website
What Does The BioEnergy Code Program Contain?

The Bioenergy Code consists mainly of a daily 30-minute audio track. The creator claims that this audio track has life-changing effects on those who listen. The content of the audio program is said to trigger a bioenergy switch in your body. This switch starts to unblock all your body’s energy centers. As a result, you balance your body’s chakras which positions you for success and happiness.

The audio track consists of meditations and compelling imagery to guide the user to a state of sustained positivity. This switch flip is much quicker than other traditional meditation strategies. The switch also claims to unblock energy centers in our bodies blocked by past traumas.

According to research, your body cells carry down trauma from previous generations. This audio track helps you address this issue. The author created the program based on the ancient study of chakras. These studies state that negative energies can pass between generations unless you clear them in time.

The program consists of two unique audio frequencies; the golden frequency and 432 Hz frequency. These frequencies, paired with the program’s guided meditation, helps to quench your deepest fears. Listening to these frequencies alone can impart important changes in your life.

The package also contains a free eBook called “The Bioenergy Code Manual” to help guide users through the process. Also, you will receive a “Five-minute Bioenergy Healing” with your purchase. This five-minute-long audio clip comes in handy for when you want a quick listen with only a little time to spare.

Another “ingredient” you receive is the “Bio Energy Code Decoded,” a PDF file containing a visual road map of the program. Lastly, you also get The Heart Energy Activator. This audio program retails for almost $150 on its own. Still, it is given as a bonus you get as part of the whole package. The Heart Energy Activator targets the heart chakra, the most frequently blocked energy center. It also uses the special frequencies that activate the Bioenergy switch.

These bonuses in the package are worth nearly $200 if users buy them separately. However, this whole bundle retails on the official website for just $37.

Who Should Use BioEnergy Effective Meditation Audio Program?

The Bioenergy Code program is perfect for those who want to take control of their future and live their best lives. Many people who desire to manifest their best lives have gone on several ancient and modern paths to attain inner peace and joy. Several of these paths include complex structures, long teachings on discovering and blocking chakras, and other complex approaches that might also require supervision.

If you have been through these tiring processes, chances are that you gave up hope at some point in the process. For such persons, the Bioenergy Code is a perfect program. The reason is that this program does not require its users to be involved in any complex routine. However, the program still promises to deliver outstanding results.

This program is also a great fit for those looking to reconnect to their core. It’s for those ready to channel in only positive energy with the flip of a “switch.” For those whose lives somehow got away from them, this program claims to be an effective tool to help you regain control of your life and future. The creator of this program also recommends it for those at their wit’s end in life. This includes people who feel stuck and are unable to achieve their dreams.

If you feel confused and want to maximize your potential while manifesting frequent wins, the Bioenergy Code may be just what you need to realize it all.

How Does The BioEnergy Code Audio Program Work?

One of the selling points of this product is that it doesn’t require any special meditation practice. The simplicity of use, and the quick effects are why it stands out from other programs. According to the creator, competitors want it off the internet because it blows everything else out of the water.

First, the program helps remove negative energy blocking your chakras, which opens them up. After this, your chakras attract and channel positive energies from the universe. This, in turn, helps you attract financial blessings on top of other benefits.

When users listen to this audio, they go through seven phases in the process. These phases all lead up to individuals attaining freedom and success.

The first phase is named “Welcome the Energy.” In this first phase, all the user needs to do is listen and let the audio program do its work. You do not have to practice a special meditative act. The audio frequencies (the God-frequency and 432 Hz frequency) help align your body’s bioenergy. After this, your body is prepared for the following stages.

The second phase is tied to foundational energy. It takes care of the root chakra. This phase of the program guides you through areas of your life where insecurity resides. Afterward, using verbal affirmations and strong imagery, the program helps to clear any personal power energy blocks. At this point, the “switch” flips, and thus, the process of manifestation can begin.

Phase three focuses on your sacral chakra. This expression energy center affects our bonds with others and our idea of ourselves. That is why this phase is said to be maintaining focus on “relational energy.” The guided meditations help users find a sense of belonging among friends and family. It also enables you to connect with your inner self and honor your desires and feelings.

The fourth phase affects the solar plexus chakra. Here, the program clears out things that keep you from your full potential. This cleansing sparks an inner fire that brings your internal strength to the surface.

The fifth phase affects the energy center located in your heart, the body’s center of love. Through the guided meditations, you’ll quench the pain of past frustration. In addition, you’ll also see the love in everything around you.

The sixth phase affects the chakra located near the throat. This process aids your ability to own and express your truth. You’ll become stronger and more confident when you learn to accept yourself.

The seventh phase of this program affects the user’s intuition energy center. It is a part of the third eye chakra. You’ll learn to understand intuition and insight. This helps boost your confidence and ability to make insightful life decisions.

The eighth phase affects the energy center at the top of your head, known as the crown chakra. You’ll unlock your individual and solitude energy, helping you optimize your “oneness energy.” From this, you’ll gain a deep connection to the world around you.

At this phase, the audio program is complete and has the greatest impact.

The final phase is the most powerful. It guides you into letting go of your visualizations while remaining in touch with the energies they carry. After this phase, you’ll return to your conscious state with a feeling of wholeness and peaceful love. This program addresses all these nine energy centers in one thirty-minute audio clip.

Users will see the effects much sooner when listening to the audio program daily

Benefits of Using the Bioenergy Code

According to both the creator and users, the program offers multiple benefits. The multi-layered nature of the program deals with every energy center and leaves a positive effect. Each phase progressively builds on the last to help you enjoy specific benefits. As a result, you’re better able to live the life of your dreams.

The first phase of the program alone can prove powerful enough to get you in a more balanced state. When you listen to the special frequencies in the program, it’ll leave a profound effect on both body and mind. All your universal energy centers will align, combining the benefits into a great package that touches every area in your life.

This program also helps to flip the Bioenergy Code switch, something inside every one of us. After this flip occurs, the first effects include a sense of belonging and stability in the user.

This program also affects your sacral and solar plexus chakra. Thus, it can help the user to attain a level of increased emotional intelligence. As such, you’ll have an easier time mending and forming healthy relationships with everyone around you.

You’ll experience a deeper level of self-love and a love for others. Additionally, with the negative influences cast aside, you can manifest a more powerful version of yourself with regular practice.

In the seventh phase of the process, your intuition will grow and mental clarity will increase significantly. Your “third eye” will open, and you’ll gain spiritual bliss into the world that goes well beyond the basic five senses. You’ll be able to see and perceive things outside the perception of ordinary people.

Another plus of this Bioenergy Code entire program is that it promises to give users a feeling of unity with the universe. It affects how you see yourself- not as a lone wolf, but as a part of the larger whole. The lines will melt away as you begin to see how we’re all linked.

When the audio program works through all your body’s energy centers, you emerge whole. This comes with greater insight, fulfillment, and happiness. The benefit of this phase is that, in the end, it unblocks all your body’s energy channels for an inflow of positive energy.

After achieving this level, you’ll attract all the positives in the universe. This is what allows you to manifest your dreams into reality. From healthy relationships, marriage, financial breakthrough, self-actualization, and all-around happiness, it’s all yours for the taking. Considering all these benefits, the program is a worthy investment.

The greatest benefit is that you’ll begin to live life to the fullest. Instead of wondering what could be, you’ll think of what can be, and make it happen. You don’t need to wait for months to see the effects. Just follow the instructions, and the results will appear in just a few days.

Side Effects of Bioenergy Healing:

As stated earlier, this program only consists of audio files. Thus, it has no known medical side effects. This is confirmed by online bioenergy code program reviews, with user reviews noting no noticeable negative experiences.

However, please note that very high frequencies can impact your ears. Still, the sound files in this bioenergy code program should do no damage. So, listening at a normal volume is essential to avoid any hearing damage. Stay within the recommended volume levels,

As a general rule of thumb, never listen to any audio at any volume over 70 dB over prolonged periods. Volumes over 120 dB can cause immediate hearing damage.

Who Should Refrain From Using the Bioenergy Code Manual?

The author created the Bioenergy Code for individuals not satisfied with their state or status in life. The program is perfect for those who desire more out of life and want to manifest health and wealth.

There are no specifications on the product to know if this program is ideal for children. However, since it was not specified, we do not recommend the program for non-adults.

Adults who are content with below-average lives or do not desire to live their best lives can ignore using this program.

People who want to retain negative energies and scars should refrain from using this product. Also, if you think you’re already living your dream life, then this program may not be for you. Still, how would you know if you don’t try?

Lastly, if, for any reason, you are opposed to protecting the lives and sustenance of elephants on our planet, you may not want to purchase this product. This is because a part of the proceeds from the sales of this program goes into protecting elephants.

How To Use the BioEnergy Code Program To Balance Your Energy Centers?

Unlike many popular meditation programs, the Bioenergy Code is easy and straightforward. Users should listen to the 30-minute audio clip in a quiet place at least once daily.

Listening to the clip will not require users to practice complex meditation skills. As long as you intentionally listen to the clip, it will do its work. This daily listening ritual will help optimize your body and clear away negative energies, letting positivity flow.

Although results vary from person to person, correct use of this product will surely deliver quick results. Users must skip days if they want to see real changes. Thankfully, the bonuses in this package include a 5-minute “Bioenergy Healing” for use when you’re busy or don’t have the time for the full program.

To improve your results, follow this handy tip. Listen to the program at the start of the day. Listening at any other time won’t negatively impact you, but the morning gives the best results. How? You’ll carry the positive effects around with you throughout the day. It’ll optimize every aspect of your daily activities.

If possible, have another listen before you go to bed at night. This double dose is a good routine that will help manifest positivity faster.

Listen to the audio program with high-quality earphones or sound systems to achieve the best results. Also, try to remove all doubts and become open-minded; the program works better this way.

Where to Buy The Bioenergy Code To Heal Your Energy Body?

The Bioenergy Code is only available on the company’s official website. You won’t find it anywhere else. If you do, you can be sure it’s a fake or a bad copy. Do not buy these fake copies as the results could have a negative impact on your life. Only buy bioenergy code from the original trusted source.

It’s only available on the official website to ensure that users always get the original thing, every time. Also, when purchasing from the website, your private information is safe and secure, which means there’s no risk of fraud or scams.

When you purchase this program from the website, you get a full year’s money-back guarantee. This guarantee means that you can request a refund after up to 365 days of purchase.

With all of the security measures in place, buying from anywhere else is a bad idea. Ensure peace of mind and get the original product by only purchasing from the official website.

If things don’t work out, you can request a refund and get your money back within 24 hours without any question.

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